Share Broker Back Office

•    Auto calculation of
             o    Taxes, Brokerage
•    Management of Brokerage & Tax
             o    Settings can be done EXCHANGE wise
             o    Normal, INTRA DAY, Minimum
             o    FIXED Brokerage
             o    Purchase wise & Sale wise
             o    Script wise Brokerage
             o    And other possible combinations
•    Facility to Import
             o    Daily Trade Files
             o    Daily BHAV COPY files form Exchange website
             o    Auto BF/CF for F & O
             o    Also maintains Client Ledger, Broker Ledger, BANK, CASH & J.V. and financial accounts
             o    Cheque printing
             o    Generate Reports like
     EXCHANGE wise Daily Position, Daily Contract Note, Daily Bill
     Brokerage Report
o    User friendly interface
o    Single Screen management and more
o    SMS Utility
   Daily Net Position SMS
   Every Trade SMS
   Ledger Outstanding SMS
   Cash Rec./Payment SMS
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